How mongoose inbuilt validations and hooks can be powerful at times and much more

Mongoose is an ODM(Object Document Modeler) for the mongo DB database. It provides ease such as built-in casting, query building, validations, and more.


You must have used joi for schema validation in express, but why to use heavy packages such as joi if we can validate using mongoose, now we…

Picture of a keyboard

Enough time wasted to switch applications or searching with the help of the mouse. In this article let’s show ponder upon some of the shortcuts to make your life easier, facile, and painless.

According to research by Prof. Fenian at Cornell University, an average user spends 428 clicks per day…

Welcome, today we will see how Amazon recommends you items to buy based on previous purchase, Netflix recommending you “user who watched this also watched that” and the algorithm behind it.


What is Recommender System?

Wiki says … Recommender System is a subclass of information filtering system that seeks to…

Hello world ! So recently the creator of node.js, Ryan Dahl launched Deno v1.0 after he confessed “10 things I regret about node.js” on June-6-2018 at JSConf Berlin in his 26 minutes speech. Let’s get started.

Ryan Dahl talked about about many flaws about Node.js in his speech. …

So, now if I have grabbed your attention this article is about Logistic regression.We’ll talk about topics such as hypothesis function, decision boundary, non-linear decision boundary,simplified gradient descent and advanced optimization.

Logistic regression is one of the algorithms used for classification, It is an ideal algorithm to conduct when dependent…

So, you have used linear regression before, but don’t know the math behind the algorithm. So many people out there don’t know the real statistic behind it. So, I’m going to tell you today.

Linear regression is the part of Supervised Learning, where we have the labelled data (“right answers”)…

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